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Sports Desk

We encourage all children to take part in at least one physical activity everyday during the school closure.  There are lots of apps and online activities to choose from.  A couple are below but also see your child's class page.




Below is the activity pack for next week which is based on football.


Every day the activities for that day will be shared on Facebook ( and twitter (@schoolgames1).  Parents are able to download the resource themselves by using the following link:


Previous week's packs can also be accessed through the above link.


There will also be a weekly competition and weekly twice a day honesty challenge on Mondays for those who want regular district competitions.  It would be great to see everyone getting involved.


Mrs Fant

School Games have launched a new National competition which can be accessed via an app called TopYa! Active.  All you need to do is download the app and type in the Invite Code 23880.  The TopYa! Active app is committed to online safety and meets rigorous COPPA and GDPR safeguarding standards. No one can communicate within the app. All children can do to communicate with one another is give each other a virtual ‘high-five’, which functions like a social media ‘like’.  Video content is suitable for young people of all ages and abilities, with regular submissions from National Governing Bodies of Sport.


How do I get involved?


1. Download the TopYa! Active app from the App Store or Google Play

2. Create your Player (child) account

3. When prompted to enter an Invite Code enter 23880 and then choose Primary or Secondary School League based on which type of school you attend

If you are under 13 years old, ask your parent or guardian set up the TopYa! Active account first, and then create player (child) accounts afterwards.



Create your own account, and then create your young person's account(s). Skip the invite process and simply tell them their username or let them use your device to submit challenges. (They need your permission to use the app if they are younger than 13). All activity on the app is COPPA and GDPR compliant, providing a safe online space for children to complete skill challenges, upload videos and get thoughtful virtual coaching feedback.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the TopYa! Active app from the App Store or Google Play

2. Create your Parent account

3. When prompted to enter an Invite Code enter 23880 and then choose Primary or Secondary School League based on which type of school your child attends

4. Then create your kid(s) account(s)

5. Let them work on the activities on their own device or film and upload videos from your device on their behalf!

Twice a day 60 second Star Jump Challenge

Activities for the Easter break are:-

  1. Physical Activity Bingo
  2. Learn to Juggle
  3. Week 1 - Honesty Competition - 60 second step up challenge (Complete twice a day and record scores) Pupils or schools can send me their scores after Friday by email or as a direct message on twitter @schoolgames1 or on the facebook page
  4. Week 1 competition - Sockathon. Further instructions will be posted on my facebook and twitter accounts later this morning. Pupils should practice all week and submit videoed entries by midday on Friday. They can keep their entries private by sending a direct message and stating DO NOT SHARE.

Day 2 of the Easter Holiday version of 'Games you can play, while staying 2m away.' for those of you still in school


Indoor Games


Parachute Games (try to space participants out around the parachute so that where possible you only have one person per colour.  Avoid games such as ‘Mushrooms’ and ‘Sharks’ where multiple people spend time under the parachute together.)

  • Merry Go Round – This is a simple warm up game that gets participants used to moving with the parachute and following instructions.  Begin by rotating the parachute round one full circle, while participants stand still.  Next ask participants to keep hold of one piece of the parachute and walk round in a circle, then all move to the left and move to the right etc.
  • Create a Wave – This is a useful pre-game activity that gives the group an opportunity to work as a team.  Give instructions such as everyone up, everyone down, Mexican wave and see if the group can follow them.
  • Roller Ball – Following on from ‘Create a Wave’, add a ball to the parachute and task the group with getting it to travel all the way round without it falling off.  Try moving the ball round in different directions and moving it back and forward between different people
  • Catapult – Using the ball that is now on the parachute try catapulting the ball up into the air as high as possible.  You can challenge the group to catapult in different directions or catapult and catch.
  • Popcorn – Add lots of small balls, bean bags or other soft toys.  The aim of the game is to shake the parachute as hard as you can until all the items start popping off.
  • Treasure Hunt – Take the items you have just used for the popcorn game and put them under the parachute.  As you lift the parachute up and down ask participants to run under and collect a specific item of treasure.  If they get in and out in time they keep the treasure. If they get trapped, under the parachute as it comes down, they must leave the treasure behind when they exit.  Use names so only one person runs under the parachute at a time.
  • Cat and Mouse – One player acts as the mouse and crawls under the parachute, while a second player acts as a cat and has to chase the mouse.  The cat must stay on their hands and knees on top of the parachute.  The rest of the group is tasked with shaking the parachute making it easier for the mouse to hide and harder for the cat to see where the mouse is located.  Advise cats they must gently tap the mouse, not pounce on them!  It is always wise to get cats to remove their shoes to avoid the parachute getting damaged or dirty.
  • Fruit Salad – Think up a variety of fruit names and then allocate these to different members of the group.  This works best if you have more than one of each fruit type.  Normally when playing fruit salad, when a fruit is called, players run under the parachute to swap places.  As we are trying to avoid having multiple people under the parachute, task participants with running round the outside of the group and into a new space.  When fruit salad is called all players let go of the parachute and run round together.  In the interest of safety, it is wise to have everyone running the same way.  Advise participants at the start if the game that everyone needs to run clockwise or anti-clockwise (you choose and remember not everyone can tell the time so it might be worth pointing or doing a demo.) 


Outdoor Games

  • Observation Trail – Set up a trail of arrows for participants to follow.  Participants are encouraged to spot the next arrow before moving on.  Give participants a list of questions to complete as they follow the trail.  Questions can be location specific (e.g., what does the sign to your left say) or require participants to count items as they go along (e.g., how many windows have you passed).
  • Scavenger Hunt – Give participants a set of objects to find and a set amount of time in which to do it.  Explain to scavengers they are free to move around the designated location as they please and can collect the items in any order.  Let them know they will have a set amount of time to collect as many items as possible.  Participants must return to a set location after the set amount of time and points will be deducted for anyone arriving late.  Allocate a set number of points for each item collected, give bonus points for an early return.  The individual with the most points at the end of the hunt is the winner.
  • Pirate adventure – This game has 2 elements.  First participants are tasked with hiding their treasure and creation of the treasure map.  Second they must swap their map with someone else and hunt out that person’s treasure.  When drawing treasure maps, ensure participants have a clear start point, an X marking the stop and easy to follow directions such as forward 5 steps, sidestep right 8 steps.
  • Hide and Seek – I am pretty sure this game needs no explanation.  Remember to set boundaries and identify off limit areas before the game begins.  Set up a return system that allows you to call all participants in using a bell, whistle or similar.    
  • Capture the Flag – Lots of versions of this game exist but the easiest way to play is using the traditional game.  2 teams each have a flag located at their base.  The aim of the game is to sneak in, capture the other teams flag and bring it safely back to your base to win the game.  Usually the game involves a tag element where players who get caught are captured and thrown in jail.  Since we are trying to avoid personal contact.  Swap the tag element for being shot with soft balls or water squirters.   


Personal Challenge Activities

Bounce about -  A challenge that helps players control the racket and the bounce of the ball.  Like basketball dribbling but using the racket to control the ball.  Start players standing still and set challenges based on time or no. of bounces. Then challenge player to complete the task while walking / jogging.  For the more-able encourage them to practice with both hands.

You v’s Wall – a simple rebound challenge involving repeated hitting a ball against a wall. Depending on ability level: move closer or further from the ball, allow a bounce, vary the height of the shot, introduce alternate forehand and backhand actions.  Set personal challenges based on number of hits without error or number of hits in a set time.



High, middle, low – A simple catching games that will get players used to tracking the ball.  In pairs, players throw the ball back and forth to each other, varying the height of the throw so that the ball travels high, middle or low.  Players can begin by keeping the throws in order, once a pattern of successful catches has been established players can then vary the throwing actions to encourage their partner to track and react to the balls position.

Rally – Set up a basic rally drill where pairs are challenged to keep the ball in motion for as long as possible.   Depending on ability level: work with or without a net, move closer or further from the ball, allow a bounce, introduce forehand and backhand actions.  Set personal challenges based on number of hits without error or number of hits in a set time.

Hit the target – The aim of the activity is to aim for and where possible hit the targets with the ball.  Targets can be tall cones, hoops or markers placed on the ground or team mate(s) positioned on the opposite side of the net.  Game can be played using a serve action or a ball thrown into play by a partner located in the target zone.  Adapt target size to meet individual ability level and lower or remove the net if needed.



Touch Tennis or Mini Tennis Red – Touch Tennis played on compact courts with short rackets and foam balls is a great option for anyone playing indoors.  Mini Tennis Red is the version of tennis used at the Nott’s School Games.  Games are played on a half court and a simplified scoring system is used where points go up in 1s.  Games can be played on a first to 10 / 15 or timed basis.  Use a ladder system to rotate players after each match so that player are matched based on ability in later games.

Mrs Fant looks after this page.  

If you have a sporting achievement that we can mention, just let her know! smiley


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  • Twitter - @schoolgames1




Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics:  A great performance despite being 2 team members down.  They jumped, threw, hurdled and sprinted themselves into 4th place.  Well done to all for their team spirit and sportsmanship.  Mrs Edmond said, ‘What a great event was had by all’.   Thank you to all our spectators for cheering on the team.


Year 5 / 6 Cross Country at Ashfield:  Well done to all our 18 runners on a cold, windy night at Ashfield School.  Over 100 children competed in each of the 4 races.  Huge congratulations to them all for completing the run (especially for our first time competitors).  Special mention to Matilda Gaskin (12th) and Harry Roddis (14th) in their respective races.  Thank you to the children for their excellent behaviour (as always), attitude and sportsmanship.  Also to the parents, grandparents and supporters for their encouragement and transport.


Year 3 / 4 Cross Country at Quarrydale:  A massive ‘thank you’ to those parents and grandparents who were willing to transport the children at the last minute.  Without your help your children wouldn’t be able to attend these valuable educational activities.  


What an exciting evening was had by all!  Fifteen schools took part in the event so lots of excited children!  Fourteen of our children took part; a new event for our Year 3/ 4 children.  Fantastic results by all of the children but special mention to Niamh Smith (10th), Leah Dakers (16th), Rowan Buczkiewicz (17th) and Billy Taylor (1st) (a future Mo Farrah!)  Thank you to you all; you were great!!

A selection of photos from sporting events (2019)

Sports 2018/2019


At our final sports assembly of the year 92 children received certificates for their participation in the various sporting activities during the year, they also got to see lots of photographs of their sporting prowess. Thank you to them all for just ‘having a go’ and ‘enjoying themselves’. We have had an amazing year and had some fantastic wins:


  • KS1 Sportshall Athletics
  • Football tournament
  • Netball tournament
  • Cross country boys and girls team
  • Tennis


2nd - Yr 3/4 handball

3rd - Swimming & District sports


Thanks to Mrs Fant for all her hard work towards this.

Red Sports tops and football kit:  Please can you check at home to see if any items of sports kit are hiding anywhere as we seem to have quite a few items missing and getting short on supplies!  If you do find anything, please give them a wash and iron before returning into school for other sports teams to use.  Thanks.  


A huge ‘thank you’ to all parents and grandparents for their great support and for providing transport to sporting events.

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