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School Council

We want Bagthorpe pupils to have a say in what happens in our school and to try to make it a better, safer and more fun place to be.   Through the School Council, we hope that the children at Bagthorpe know that they are listened to and that each individual has an important part to play in our school.   

In September, each class elects two representatives (one boy and one girl) to the School Council.   The School Council then meets regularly throughout the year, to discuss ideas about how to make our school a better place.   After School Council meetings, members go back to their classes and discuss ideas from the meeting, and listen to opinions.   

The School Council has been running at Bagthorpe Primary School since 2006 and has been instrumental in making many improvements.   Through the School Council, both lunchtime and playtime activities have improved with the provision of new equipment.  Children also voiced their concern through the School Council, about the condition of our old toilets, which have now been refurbished.

The School Council has its own budget, which it has recently used to set up a Friendship Bench and Buddy Bus Stop.   The group is currently discussing ideas to make further improvements to playtimes as well as thinking about ways to encourage children to take more responsibility for various jobs within the school.

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