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Thursday 7th January

In the morning try to join the google meet at 9.15 for an overview of your day :-)


Reading: We are continuing to learn about information texts. Yesterday in class we identified the main features of information texts- these were

* subheadings

* a title

* facts and figures (such as dates and numbers)- these are sometimes presented in a fact box

* a picture or diagram

* A caption

* questions

Please make sure you have read over the texts from yesterday and identified all of these key features and written them in your books.


When or if you have finished this , I am attaching a reading comprehension which is an information text on the continents of the world. Please answer the questions and highlight any unfamiliar words or interesting words that you want to learn the meaning of. Use a dictionary or google dictionary to help you to build a vocabulary word bank of new and interesting words.



Using the document below, have a look at the different subheading/titles you could use to organise the research you have been collecting to present the information on a continent of your choice. You can use these ideas, change them, add some different ones or completely reword them to be your own. Write some notes by using bullet points in each box then on a large sheet of paper begin to draw boxes for each sub text to present a finished mind map/fact file which is organised according to your subtexts. In class we are presenting our continent information to each other and sharing our findings, however at home you could perform a mini presentation to your parents or siblings in your home, informing them of all of the facts and knowledge you have researched on a particular continent. Remember to include facts such as numbers and dates as these are key features when presenting information :-)

Below is an example of a fact file I found and an example of how you could present your information. You could include some drawings or you could print some pictures off the internet to stick down (making your mind and fact map look like colourful collage of information). In class the children are using pictures they have researched to print out and cut and stick on to their large paper, you could also do the same if you have a printer.


For maths today I felt we needed to have another lesson focussing on multiplication of three numbers. In class we struggled a bit today , especially when coming to reasoning questions. I know that problem solving maths is something we could all benefit with extra practice of so the work will follow on from yesterday's objective, however will focus more on using your reasoning skills and problem solving skills to solve the questions. Think about those mathematical answer starters we often use in class to explain an answer, as well as the methods we use to solve a question.



Follow the next-level sports PE lessons and choose one which you fancy doing, try to choose a different one from last time so you are learning a variety of sport skills.
For the rest of the day why not try watching Newsround or research some happy news from the happy news webpage to share with me? Think back to our time in class when we created a happy newspaper and try to find some positivity to share with us all in challenging times smiley.
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