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Monday 11th January

Good morning lovely Elm class,


I hope you have had a chilled and restful weekend and are ready for another day of exciting remote learning. An overview and timetable of your day will follow below, including any task documents or video links needed for today's work. I am really enjoying our geogrpahy focus for this term so far and intend for us to follow this through as much as we can, despite us not being in school.


Please try and join us for a google meet at 9.00 am and remember that during this session you can ask me any questions about your work or tell me something you have learnt about or enjoyed so far.


See you soonsmiley.

Reading task: ( 10 minutes quiet reading time)

For your reading task today please read your school reading book and try to find interesting adjectives. Write down any expanded noun phrases that you like the sound of.


Catch up: Finish and catch up on any work from last week that wasn't quite finished. In particular , check that your continent work and topic related work is all completed as this will help you progress on to the next set of lessons. 


For maths today- quicken and strengthen your fluency skills on factor pairs. Remind yourself by watching the White Rose video again from Friday and then complete these fluency work sheets. If you feel super confident try the Gold star. If you are finding maths a little tricky then go for the red star :-).


I have also attached a couple of challenges for you; these include a factor poster creation and an extension task.


Today we are introducing ourself to persuasive writing. This lesson is all about why a writer uses persuasion in their writing and what they do to achieve this. We will begin to think about the idea of persuading a person to visit somewhere or see something that we like- what emotions might they want their reader to feel in order to persuade them? We will relate this to our topic work on continents and think of all the reasons we have that we can use to persuade a person to travel to our chosen continent. 


First of all- work your way through the slides on the PP. Use the text documents for the first slide task where you will be asked to identify positive adjectives in the texts (you do not have to do all 3 texts -you can just choose 1 :-)). Your main task work sheet is the document which is named 'writing to persuade', however the PowerPoint slide itself will explain what exactly you need to do for this task.


Hope all is clear :-)


Your topic work today is looking at understanding and identifying the features of physical and human geogrpahy. For this you need to work your way through the PP as well as watching the clip in the link below. The work document for this is also attached. Your main task is finding physical and human features on the map of a town.



If you have time- why not go out for a walk in your local area to spot the physical and human features. You could make a list of all of the physical features you can see and all of the human features you can see smiley.

End of the day tasks:

Practice your handwriting ( handwriting sheets are in the folder titled 'handwriting' in the home learning contingency folder.


Watch Newsround to catch up on the latest happenings in the world :-)

learn, grow, achieve