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Wednesday 6th January


I was thinking about all of the wonderful stories which you shared with me about your Christmas holidays. It sounded like you all had a really nice family day and received some amazing gifts :-). Some of you shared with me your stories of your time spent sledging in the snow or making a snow man which sounded like so much fun!


Using your fantastic writing skills can you please write me a diary entry (2-3 paragraphs) about your Christmas holidays. In this you will need to include both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and highlight where you have used them.


Remember to take care with your punctuation skills and use capital letters and full stops where needed. Also remember that if we use 'and' too many times in our sentences without a full stop it can make our sentences too long and cause us to forget punctuation when it is needed.


You can also try to put back into practice the diary writing skills that you learnt last term. This includes writing in a friendly and chatty tone, writing in the past tense, writing in chronological order and using language which signals how the writer (you) feels and thinks.


Below I will attach a conjunction slide to help jog your memory.











For science this afternoon work your way through the slides, learning about the 7 life processes and how a living thing is formed. Have a pen and some paper to take some notes so you can refer back on these when you come to working on your independent task.


Once you have finished working through the slides and answering the questions you could go for a walk with your family or go outside into your garden and name all of the living things you can see. After this and with a little help from any information books you have (including access to google search) you could then create an information poster based on one of the 7 life processes. You may choose to present this through writing some key information and drawing some pictures smiley

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