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Friday 8th January

Hello super Elm class and happy Friday!


I hope you are all continuing to stay positive and smile. I have been thinking of you all learning from home and I know how tricky this can be at times. I  wanted to tell you that I think that you are all doing amazing and can see from your work that you are all getting on really well, working hard and producing some good quality work.


Your timetable and tasks for the day are set out below in the order of how we will be following them here in class; I hope that this is easy to follow and to understand and I am looking forward to seeing what you all get up to today smiley.


Try and visit us for a google meet at half past 9 if you can. I know some of you are still having issues with your accounts and this is something I am looking into and chasing up with our ICT support. Do not worry if this is the case as the work still continues to be uploaded on the webpage every day and there are no live lessons taking place at present.


Looking forward to seeing all of your work today.


Miss Chapman



English/SPAG task:


Starter: Think back to what the purpose and role of a VERB is. Write down what a verb is and all of the verbs that you can think of. Try to write down some interesting verbs or look in a thesaurus to up-level some of the more simple ones that you think of. 


> Create a word bank of interesting verbs.


Main task:


Next, look and work through the PowerPoint on imperative verbs. These are different kind of verbs that give orders/commands. This will be a feature of language we will need to build skills in as we work towards a persuasive write.


> Use the spinner on the PP to pick different imperative words to put into sentences .


learn, grow, achieve