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Friday 15th January

Independent reading time-

Read your school reading book independently and record it in your diary.


English:- persuasive writing devices:


Follow the slides and see the example sheet to help you for today's main English task.



Strengthen your reasoning and problem solving skills with these written method questions. Sometimes in our maths lessons we forget to show methods of working and written calculations. This is really good practice for a variety of written methods.

Afternoon topic sessions:


Activity 1: Watch this underwater exploration from the National Marine Aquarium center. This is a virtual live lesson taking place at  1.00pm-1.20 pm, studying ocean life. These sessions will take place every week for 7 weeks and have a link to our geography and water topic this term. Research shows that interaction both virtually and physically with an ocean/marine environment has a strong impact on our mental well-being and emotional state. Let's all keep positive during these challenging times and get our weekly dose of the ocean. I don't know about you but I find the oceans so fascinating. 


Following this you could engage in any curriculum/learning based activities given during the lesson or do some research on the different oceans of our planet. Try and wow me with 2 cool and interesting facts for each ocean!


Activity 2:-  Imagine you are working for the ROYAL TOURIST ASSOCIATION. Your job is to speak with customers/tourists and find out their preference for a perfect holiday. Based on their geographical preferences- design the perfect holiday destination for them. This could be your own holiday village, park, resort. Some tourists may be seeking more physical aspects of geography and some may be wanting a busy environment like a city. You might meet a tourist who wants to experience a bit of both. Try to imagine you have spoken to your customer and then decide on one of the three choices before designing your destination. 

> A holiday with lots of physical geographical surroundings.

> A holiday which is very busy and full of human geographical surroundings.

> A holiday which has some physical and some human features.


Draw it, make it eye-capturing, label it and send it to me via google classroom :-).




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