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Elm Class - Y4

Hi everyone,


unfortunately we have had to close school today due to a power cut, which has left us in darkness and without heat. Understandably, many of you will not be able to access the internet today because you live in the Underwood and surrounding areas and could be without power. Because of this, there will be no google meets today and no expectation for you to submit work if you are unable to download it or complete it.


If you are a key worker child who works in school usually and you are able to get power then if you can work on the Maths and English work which was set under yesterday's tab, because we are a little behind with that. At the same time, do not worry if you are unable to complete any lessons today. You can take time to read a book, practice your handwriting and spend time with your family. If you are able to access the internet then of course just follow the work set as usual. I will be on hand to respond to any queries if needed.


Miss Chapman :-)

Hi everyone,


I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Just a reminder that the home learning plan continues to be uploaded daily on to our class webpage. If you scroll further down this page you will find a home-contingency plan, which is a yellow star. Please click on this star and then find the relevant date. Each day has its own files and overview of lessons. These daily tasks have been uploaded since Tuesday and will continue to be set out this way until everyone is confident with using google classroom. The children will be following the topic plan and units of work which they would have been following if they were in school so it's important they try and keep up with the work which is set smiley.


For those of you who are still attending school please come dressed in your wood clothes on Wednesday and bring a spare change of clothes. Those of you at home will have the opportunity to carry out your science lesson in the garden or your local area (I will update you on this closer to the lesson).


Tomorrow Join us for google meet at 9.00am for a check in. I look forward to seeing you all.


Remember that you are all doing amazing in such challenging times and I am very proud of you. 


Miss Chapman


Good evening everyone,


I hope those of you who have been remote learning have had a great day today and for those of you that have managed to set up and access an account for google classrooms-well done!


Thank you for those that joined us for a trial meet on google classroom today-I and the key worker children really enjoyed seeing you and are glad to say it went smoothly. We are really excited at the prospect of eventually using this platform to meet together more often, as well as interact in live lessons . Tomorrow I will hold a google meet and would like to invite you all to join in for a chat and an overview of the day at 9.15am. I hope you can join us by signing into your account and clicking on the google meet link in the Elm Class profile window. If you could initially mute your microphones once you are all in the meeting room and then use the 'hands up' button to speak; this will make it easier for the children to hear me and the others when they are given the opportunity to speak.


The children in school today have worked extremely hard in all of their lessons and I am so impressed with the hard work that the children are putting in to their remote learning toosmiley. I am sorry I have not got around to responding to you all yet but am working as efficiently as I can to make contact with you all throughout the week.


Please click on the home contingency link at the bottom of the webpage to follow the day to day lesson activities until we are able to feel comfortable with fully working on the platform of google classroom. Tomorrow's lessons will be posted shortly and will include some catch up work to ensure you are getting through all of the bits of work we need to complete; just like we do in class.


Tomorrow is PE day so for those of you that are attending school then please come dressed in your PE kit as normal.



speak soon,


Miss Chapman smiley



Morning everyone,


Please follow the link and instructions in the document below to access your credentials for google classroom and set up an email address and passcode.


I will be contacting a couple of you today to ask if you would like to have a trial run on google meet with me and the rest of the key worker children.


Hi everyone,


I hope you are all well and not feeling too unsettled as you digest the latest news from the government. Whilst we put together a remote plan for the children over this half term I wanted to give the children some simple and fun tasks to complete for tomorrow smiley. These are activities that can nicely follow on from the work we have been doing in class today so the children should find it easy to pick up and get on with.


Maths :- Children can continue to practice the fluency of their 11 and 12 times table by going on TTRS; I will set some battles and challenges for them in the morning. They could even create or think of a rhyme/poem/song/rap to help them remember these.


English: Today the children have done lots of work and recap on conjunctions. Please ask them to continue matching two clauses with an appropriate conjunction jigsaw piece ( the documents are below). They can then write these up in their neatest handwriting or cut them out and stick them on to a sheet of paper. Remind the children that when reading it back to themselves it must make sense. There is also a comic style activity where children can create their own sentences using a conjunction of their choice.


Reading: Attached is a reading comprehension based on rivers (our topic unit for this term). First of all you can ask the children to look at the style of text and think about what type of text it might be and how they know this.  After this the children can predict what the text is going to be about by glancing at it and talk about or write about why they predict this. Children are then to study the text and annotate what they notice about its features-e.g.- pictures and captions.


After studying the features and lay out of a non-fiction information text children can then answer the comprehension questions.


Topic: Today the children were in the middle of completing an atlas scavenger hunt. I have attached the extension questions for this in case children have access to a globe or atlas at home and would like to have a go at completing them. They could always use the internet at home and do some research to find the answers.


We were ready to move on to looking at continents next so I have attached a PowerPoint on the seven continents of the world for them to look at and gain some information from. After this, if they would like to, they could choose a continent of their choice to carry out some extra research on. They could look for famous landmarks as well as special and interesting information and present this in a spider diagram or colourful, eye-capturing poster smiley


I look forward to getting back in touch with you soon to provide you with a clear plan and see all of the children's wonderful work. 


Miss Chapman

Fabulous Art work by Thomas. M-

What have we been up to this half term?


Topic:  The children have been so engaged in our topic of 'crime and punishment' and I have been so impressed with their knowledge, classroom contribution and the work they have produced. I am so pleased that children have also taken their own time at home to research lots of information and facts about courtrooms and crimes. We have began looking through history of crime and punishment in the times of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and now the Normans. The children have created Anglo-Saxon and Roman punishment posters, devised court room role-play and written their own diary entries through the eyes of an Anglo-Saxon. They have all worked incredibly hard on their diary writing this week and I have attached a few of these below for you all to see. After half term We will focus on Robin Hood and his crimes; it would be great if the children could do some research on this ready to share with us after the holidays!


English: We celebrated NATIONAL POETRY DAY and the children really enjoyed being poets for the day. As a class we wrote some fantastic cinquain poems and the children were able to use their SPAG skills to incorporate some exciting adjectives.


Art: In art we have been focusing on drawing and looking at illustrators such as Quentin Blake. The children have really enjoyed getting creative illustrating their own imaginative character. I am so impressed with how artistic all of the children are in Elm class!


PSHE: We have created some 'happy newspapers' filled with happy stories and displayed them in our classroom, which has brightened our environment with positivity :-)


R.E we have started looking at the life of Buddha and leaning about Buddhism as a religion.  


Science: We have began to look at the digestive system, starting with our teeth.


Maths: We have finished our unit on place value and are now working on addition and subtraction methods.


In PE the children are enjoying swimming every Tuesday and engaging in some outdoor sports on Thursdays.


All in all we have had a great start to the year and done some brilliant learning. I am looking forward to making some more fun learning memories with the children after the holidays. I hope you all have a lovely and restful holiday.


stay safe and take care,


Miss Chapman :-) 


Anglo Saxon crime and punishment diary writing

A fantastic Cinquain Poem by Thomas. M

Well done to the children who researched some awesome facts about courts and crime over the weekend. Below I have uploaded pictures of the amazing LEGO court models, which were built by Frankie and Sophie :-)

LEGO models of a court room

Morning everyone! 


Class email for those of you that have wanted to or are trying to contacting me is


Miss Chapman

The amazing dream jars that the children created for our dream display

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