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Assessment Descriptors

Assessment Descriptors


Growth Chart

An Illustration to Help 


Most parents, will be familiar with the chart that health visitors use to keep track of baby weight and growth development. 

Regular checks pick up if this progress falls below where it should be and action can be taken to correct the situation


We do exactly the same with children's assessments by measuring their progress between two points in time.  This helps us to see whether they are progressing at the same rate, speeding up or slowing down; we can then take the necessary action to address this.


Our priority at the moment is to keep a close eye on where your child is in relation to their age and to make sure that we correctly identify the things they don’t fully understand and work out the right next steps in learning to help them make the best possible progress.


If you have any questions or concerns,

please do not hesitate to have a word with your child's class teacher.












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